Unique rules overview:

  • 3 field players and a GK in the water at any time (for mixed teams, there must be 2 girls and 2 boys on the field at all times)

  • 6 minute running time halves + 3 min half time

  • Halves are scored as individual sets, like volleyball or tennis

  • Winning both halves ends the game at 2-0

  • Winning a half each results in a 3 person penalty shootout, where players will have 7 seconds to get as close to goal as they can and have a shot, receiving a pass from the GK, who can also shoot!

  • Substitutions can be made anywhere along the teams sideline

  • Each team can nominate a 'power play' once per game (regular time only), where the next goal scored by either team is worth 2 - it can only be called directly after a goal has been scored

  • No shot clock - though the referee can call a 'passive' play if the attacking team is not trying to score, by shouting 'move it on', at which point the attacking team has 2 passes to get a shot on goal before a turnover is called