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Your brand + BWP4s

We want to put the fun back into water polo. With the success of events such as Water Polo by the Sea and other Beach Water Polo events in the USA and Europe, we felt that the ballooning water polo participation market in Australia, and specifically NSW, was begging for an event like this. In Beach Water Polo Fours club lines are erased, new players are brought into the sport and memorable experiences are made.

We are local community members and want to showcase the natural beauty of our region, bringing families and friends to Australia's coastlines to have a one of a kind, unique sporting experience. With pool access one of the biggest issues facing the sports continued growth, we have brought the sport outdoors and we want you to get the opportunity to meet this dedicated and close knit community.

If you think that your brand aligns with our vision, then we would love to hear from you to see how we can work together.