Manly, Here We Come!

Puppy dogs are our favourite type of spectator

Puppy dogs are our favourite type of spectator

Beach Water Polo Fours is back, and we are bringing 17 teams with us to hit the shores of Manly Cove, dive in and ride the wave that is Beach Water Polo Fours.

 As it is our third event of the season following the success of our Wollongong and Cronulla events, we are eager to show the north side just how great Beach Water Polo Fours is. With two days of jam-packed beach water polo fun, the first weekend of February will start the last month of summer off with a bang. With our youngest competitor being just 13 years old, and our oldest participant being a seasoned 77, it just shows that water polo is a sport for life!

 We will kick things off on the Saturday with the Women’s competition and the Mixed competition, with five teams competing for the coveted title in each division.

 Our Mixed Competition features a team from the Sydney Stingers and after their appearance at the Bundeena event, we are stoked to have them back once again. Joining them are Smiley Frtiz and the Dysfunctional Family, both teams that well and truly know the game of Water Polo, but will they be able to pick up the game of Fours with ease? Ryde Water Polo Club are sending two teams to shake up the competition, but first they must get through each other in the first match of the day. Ryde 1 features a strong mix of young guns with Ryde 2 filled with some more experienced players.



In our Women’s competition we have returning Bundeena runner-ups the Cronulla Gals this time competing under the unknown acronym of ‘HTNL2019’ who are back with a vengeance, with only one goal in mind, to win the coveted title. Beer Battered are stacked with Northern Beaches locals, and will be looking to use this to their advantage. Unknown commodities Sydney Stingers are playing their first tournament and these girls are ready to go out and give it a good crack. The Dolphins are a team to watch, lead by Rio Olympian Lea Yanitsis and joined by some University of New Sout Wales Australian National League players, this team of current national champions means business. Trophy chasers The Beaches will be in the hunt again, bringing dual Olympians Holly Young and Nicola (Ziggy) Cotterill to the game. With an almost identical team line up from their Wollongong team where they won the title, The Beaches might have a little bit more competition on their hands this time around.

 Sunday is once again, for the boys. Our Wollongong Open Men’s Champions, Quattro Fromaggio are back to have a shot at claiming the exclusive title once again, but they’ve got tough competition to go up against. The Baa Baas will be lead by previous champion and dual Olympian, Johnno Cotterill, joining him will be a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable players.  With a home turf advantage, the Goin it Polo boys from the Sydney Northern Beaches Club are a young gun team to watch. Poseidon’s are crossing the bridge from their Drummoyne home pool to take a shot at the title and will comfortable in the conditions with team captain Matt Bartlett an inaugural fours player. The Southern Highlands team are no strangers to the game of Beach Water Polo, learning the ropes back at our Wollongong event in December 2018, the team is back for more. Rounding out the Men’s competition, are local teams the Southern Raiders & Bally, late entrants to the fold so we don’t know much about them other than some basic demographic details but we’re sure they will be looking to use their hometown knowledge of the Manly waters to their benefit.

Wollongong Champions Quattro Fromagio are back

Wollongong Champions Quattro Fromagio are back


So whether you’re a Northern Beaches local or Beach Fours fan, make sure you come down to Manly Cove this weekend to see us in action! We’ve got an exclusive 20% off next door at Manly Surf n Slide so kick off the first weekend of the last month of summer in style with some beach water polo. Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, plenty of water and you’re a-game (optional)

 See you at the beach

Written by: Samantha Mitchell

Scott Nicholson