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Sponsorship of sporting events is hardly reinventing the wheel. In fact, it is very difficult to stand out in such a flooded market, let alone measure and achieve a valuable return on investment. It is easy to assume that what was done last year will work again this year and long may it continue, but what if there was a chance to do something different?

Beach Water Polo Fours aims to combine our love of summer and our enjoyment of being in the water to current water polo players, past players and especially to those who have always wanted to try the sport. Our modified rules ensure that we can cater to all skill levels and a great day can be had by all. If you think your brand can identify with these values, then please read on.

With 300 participants, their family and friends expected to spend each day at the beach, this event provides a unique marketing platform to actively engage with participants before, during and after the event, in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful backdrops in Sydney. Our experienced event team combined with the nature of a brand new event mean that we are flexible enough to work side by side with your brand to ensure that your desired message is delivered. Our systems and processes will also ensure tracking and reporting to measure return well beyond your investment.

Beach Water Polo Fours are seeking like-minded event partners and sponsors to jump on board for the inaugural tournament and the future. There are a wide range of benefits on offer, from digital event show bags to having your corporate team coached by an Olympian, packages can be individually tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. If your organisation is looking for a unique Summer marketing platform to stand out from the crowd, download our sponsorship brochure or get in touch with us today to arrange a meeting.

Matt Ellis