Have a question? Chances are, we have heard it before.
So, we have written some down and even answered them, too. 


What are the event details for 2019/2020?

The Beach Water Polo Fours 2019/20 season will begin in winter this year! On the 10th of August, we will be taking our wetsuits and beanies to Vanston Baths, Sandringham, for a fun filled day of water polo. With plenty of activities planned on the sand, the action in and out of the water will be red hot (even if it’s a bit cool).

As for the rest of our events? While the warmer weather is taking a little holiday, we are planning all of our events for the 2019/20 summer season, but as you can probably guess, we can’t tell you about any of them until they are locked down and confirmed. As soon as we can tell you, we will shout it from the rooftops. But we can tell you that events will be from October-April this season!

What are the different team categories?

Great question, we have mens, womens & mixed competitions!

There won't be a junior competition this season, but anyone over the age of 14 is more than welcome to enter. If you are a bit younger and really want to play, chuck us an email at info@beachwaterpolofours.com and we can chat! 

Do I have to go to all the locations?

We are not going to force you to go to all of the different locations, however you are more than welcome to come to all of them. You can pick and choose as many or as few events as you like and have different team mates for different locations. There will be different location reveals throughout the summer, and roughly one event per month.

Can I register in two teams?

We are stoked that you are super popular and all, so we are happy for you to play in both a mixed team and in your gender team. Unfortunately, due to draw clashes we can't let you play in two teams within the same category. E.g. men cannot play for two men's teams. Get it? Good. 

But hey, you can play in as many different locations as you like!

How do I register?

You can jump on board and register for any Beach Water Polo Fours event as they are announced.

When registrations open, we will post the link anywhere and everywhere (even right here) for you to register your team. 

The first to enter will need to create a team and password (and for the love of carbs, please make the password easy to remember or write it down). Your team members can then use this information to join the team and pay individually online. That’s it. The main bonus is that you don’t have to chase your flaky mates to transfer you money - happy days! The more generous friends also have the option to pre-pay for the team and send team mates the link to register their details. This registration will be for that event location only, which means if you would like to attend multiple events, you will need to register separately.

How much does it cost?

Basically, the earlier you register, the better. Every event will have an early bird, standard and late registration period in which the price will vary!

How many people can I have in my team?

Each team is allowed between 4 and 8 players.

I want to play but I don’t have a team, what do I do?

We want everyone to play, so if you want to play and don’t have a team, shoot us an email at info@beachwaterpolofours.com and we will show you what to do!

Is there any event merchandise I can buy?

We have teamed up again with the best in the business to provide you with top of the range event merchandise from Delfina! We are talking water polo swimmers, tie-back one pieces, bikinis, mens swimmers, back packs, mesh bags, towels, swim caps, t-shirts and singlets! Check them out on our very special merchandise page

To purchase any merch, just add it to your cart during the registration process! We will then have your merchandise ready to be collected and flaunted at the event! OR you can purchase it right here and have the option to have it shipped right to your front door step.

I have already registered but forgot to buy merchandise, what do I do?

Calm down, we have got you covered. Log back in to your ActiveWorks account that you used to register, and you are free as a bird to purchase all the event merchandise your heart desires. Alternatively you can buy it on our website Merchandise page and have it shipped to you.

Can I purchase the event merchandise on the day?

We might have some spare stock available to purchase on the event days, but numbers will be limited. You are however, able to make an order on the day and we will organise to ship it to you straight away. The only way we can ensure you get the merchandise you want on the day is to tell you to buy it while you are registering online. That way you won’t have to put up with a shirt that is 5 sizes too big.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we can't give out refunds, however, if you want to transfer your registration to a friend we can make that happen! This can be done yourself by logging back into your account through the link in the confirmation email we sent you after you registered. Worst case, send an email to info@beachwaterpolofours.com and we can help you out. 

On the day

What if the event is cancelled?

In the unlikely case that the weather ruins all the fun, the event will be postponed to a later date. Every player registered will receive a discount code to receive free entry to the new date.

Please note that the event will only be cancelled in the case of extreme weather conditions. Rain doesn’t count.

What equipment do I need?

Caps and balls will be provided, so all you need to play is some swimwear and a good attitude. If you want to be the best looking team on the day and wear matching swimwear, we have a good looking range of togs available for purchase, or you can talk to our mates at Delfina. We do however, recommend that everyone brings a water bottle, hat, sunscreen and some form of shade.

What are the rules?

We have come up with some wonderful rules we think you’ll like, and have put them all very conveniently on our rules page: https://beachwaterpolofours.com/rules/

How many games will I play?

Unfortunately we have no psychics here at headquarters, so we have no way to predict the amount of teams that will enter. Annoying, we know, but we do have someone here who has said that every team will play a minimum of three games. Once registrations have closed, that certain someone will make a draw and send a carrier pigeon to tell you exactly how many games you will be playing. Hey, not so bad after all.

I am a beginner water polo player. Am I going to get smashed?

Certainly not! This event was created with players of all levels and abilities in mind. We are encouraging players of all levels to come and experience Beach Water Polo Fours, so no experience is needed! We even wrote a blog post about it here so you can see for yourself that anyone can play!

Can I bring my boat?

We heard that boats enjoy watching water polo, so we have organised for them to come along to some of our events. We will let you know as we announce those events.

If you intend to bring your boat, please let us know when registering or email us at (info@beachwaterpolofours.com).  

What else should I bring?

Consider SUPs, surfboards, row boats, inflatable flamingos, every other trendy inflatable toy, tents and umbrellas officially added to the ‘bring it to the event if you have it’ category. Heck, you can even bring your trained dolphin.

No all event locations allow the use of SUPs, surfboards and boats etc. but we will let you know for those specific events.  


I just read that whole page and you didn't answer my question. 

Well gosh almighty, that's a shame. Send your question to info@beachwaterpolofours.com and we will be sure to answer it better than this page does.