We believe water polo is not just a game but an opportunity to travel the world, meet new friends and create memorable experiences. The Destination Beach Water Polo program combines a 6 day intensive water polo camp with an exotic family holiday, situated in an incredible location.

Our expert coaches will run immersive training experiences throughout the day and provide detailed feedback to help your child become the best they can be. Parents and siblings are free to enjoy the day and then come together in the evening with family in a world-renowned hotel resort.


Where to?

Perched in the center of the warm Pacific Ocean waters, Fiji is home to Destinations Beach Water polo’s First exotic experience. Surrounded by an array of other striking islands, Nadi Fiji is central whilst secluded making it the perfect spot for relaxing on the beach, getting involved in local activities and setting up beach water polo. The Double Tree Hilton Fiji sits 30 minutes south of Nadi International Airport and Port Danarau on Sonaisali Island, accessible via private boat. The Hilton is a 4.5 Star hotel with rooms that line the gorgeous Fijian shores whilst backing on to the lagoon. The hotel has exclusive access to activities and accommodates to all ages, offering kids club, day Spas, horse riding and other cultural experiences.


The team at Destination Beach Water Polo: Fiji will take care of all your needs during your stay with an exclusive package that caters for both families and athletes. Parents and siblings can relax around the beautiful Hilton Hotel at Double Tree or go where they please, while the kids learn from some of the best water polo athletes Australia has to offer in a small group setting. With excursions to islands, beautiful scenic swims, seminars, land-activities and most importantly – fun game play – this is the trip the water polo community has been hanging out for!

Destination Beach Water Polo is designed for groups of 13 – 16 athletes and their parents – with ideal group sizes being 40+ people. It is ideal for players from 14-17 years old. Contact us to tell us about your group!

Our package includes:

• 6 nights stay at the Hilton Double Tree Bay in Fiji
• Sunrise to Sunset supervision by our Water Polo Australia Qualified Coaches, with over 50 years’ experience playing experience at international and national levels
• Participant focused coaching – our small group setting allows our coaches to focus time and energy on individuals and tailoring the training to their position and current skill level
• Non-Water sessions including video seminars, nutritional guidance for healthy athletes, functional training and our philosophy to training for water polo as well as swim sessions and individual goal setting sessions
• Personalized tour group apparel – including swimmers, back packs, T-shirts and hats
• Organized group activities including cultural ceremonies, excursions and snorkelling
• All meals included – including nightly team dinners led by our coaching team

As well as the above, our coaches are committed to providing detailed and honest feedback to every participant and becoming long-term mentors for them in their development as players. This includes:
• Goal setting and player self-evaluations sent out before trip
• Individual meetings and feedback throughout the week
• Final trip evaluation and detailed feedback report given to every attendee outlining
o Where performance can be improved
o How to train areas of weakness
• Ongoing communication with coach encouraged – each participant will be able to contact their mentor and ask questions and seek guidance for their water polo careers

Plus, more features to be announced!

If you are interested in bringing a group on Destination Beach Water Polo, please fill out the contact details box below and we will get in touch.



Destination Beach Water Polo Fours has secured the services of some of the most decorated players in Australia to facilitate our trip. While the playing experience our coaches have is second to none, more importantly they are fun, outgoing and very easy to communicate with. This trip is all about providing a great learning environment that teaches good habits in and out of the pool. We want to impart on our participants our love of water polo and help develop skills that can last a life time.

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